This is the time of the year, where graduates get to taste the “real” world as they enter the life of job hunting and now face challenges left and right due to the long process they have to undergo in landing a job. Unfortunately, companies set high standards in hiring, and prioritize someone who is either a graduate of a famous college or university or has work experience with pleasing personality.

Undergraduates, on the other hand, who have potential and possesses a good attitude and working habits are outrightly denied of the opportunity to shine due to lack of educational degree. They are now forced to look for jobs mostly contractual, depriving them of growth and even have to look for part-time jobs aside from their regular jobs for extra income. Along with their fixed minimum wages, they have little chances of yearly appraisal and salary increase.

Employees also know their limit when it comes to growth with uncertain chances for promotion depending on the nature of their work. With BPO industries, employees may be promoted only once or twice in their entire career. In the future these employees will eventually worry about the stability of their jobs since a lot of accounts close as companies venture into offshoring or outsourcing.

Unlimited Opportunities as a Marketing Partner with CitiGlobal

CitiGlobal sees the potential, and therefore, is open to hiring individuals ages 17 and up, who are passionate, trustworthy, hardworking and determined. The company believes that one’s lack of education and/or work experience should not be a hindrance to equal opportunities to be hired and excel in your work as a Marketing Partner, as long as you have the PASSION TO EXCEL, the DRIVE, and the DETERMINATION which pushes you to work hard and to keep an open mind.

CitiGlobal has the capacity to see your potential, regardless of your status, and of where you came from. Openness, willingness to take the challenge, and going the extra mile are what makes a person PASSIONATE in everything he does. Aside from becoming a professional Marketing Partner, CitiGlobal provides unlimited opportunities for growth. It looks for people with potential and right attitude, and provides proper training for those who are driven, teaching them to become independent, confident and result-oriented.  The Company provides equal chances of success and the opportunity to become leaders for those who are deserving.

Marketing Partners can visualize their future goals because of CitiGlobal’s vision, as you operate through its core values, which reward you with what you deserve.  Marketing Partners can earn from P50,000 to P1M per month depending on your working habits and attitude, drive, determination and passion.

As a Marketing Partner, you are given the opportunity to close multiple deals and earn much more than what a regular employee cumulatively earns for months, or even years. CitiGlobal does not restrict its Marketing Partners to earn more as you grow and become leaders in the near future. Because of CitiGlobal’s vision, Marketing Partners see the opportunity to be promoted several notches higher than their original position. CitiGlobal’s efforts are geared towards the long-term fulfillment of its vision for the Company, its people and its clients.  As the Company grows, YOU grow with the Company as well.

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