Vic Sotto never left the limelight as one, if not the most popular public figure in the entertainment industry. He has been in the entertainment world for the longest time and has defined consistency and longevity in his career throughout the years.

Sotto shared his insight in a recent interview at CitiGlobal’s press conference on what made him stay for a long time, “one thing that really keeps us going strong, it’s loving what you’re doing. Kapag sinabi mong loving what you’re doing, kasama na do’n ‘yong enjoy ka.”

Sotto elaborated further that work should be something that we enjoy in order to last and excel, “Kung ang tingin mo sa ginagawa mo trabaho lang talaga, trabaho ng trabaho walang relaxation, iigsi ang buhay mo sa ginagawa mo, e. In other words kailangan mag-e- enjoy ka.”

CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc. shares the same point of view with Sotto that one should be passionate enough with their jobs to start a life-long career in building the ladder to success. Its innovative mindset opens doors of opportunities to anyone with passion to excel, the drive and the determination which pushes an individual to work hard and keep an open mind.

CitiGlobal believes that one’s lack of education or work experience should not be a hindrance to equal opportunities to be hired and excel as long as he possesses the qualities mentioned above: the passion to excel, the drive and the determination, keeping him open minded. CitiGlobal has the capacity to see the potential, regardless of one’s status, and of where he came from. Openness, willingness to take the challenge and going the extra mile are what makes a person passionate in everything he does.

CitiGlobal looks for people with potential and the right attitude, and provides proper training for those who are driven. Teaching them to become independent, confident and result-oriented. The Company provides equal chances of success and the opportunity to become leaders for those who are deserving.

Marketing Partners can earn much more than having a regular job per month depending on the employee’s working habits and attitude, drive, determination and passion. They are given the opportunity to close multiple deals and earn much more than what a regular employee cumulatively earns for months, or even years.

As professional Marketing Partners, CitiGlobal provides unlimited opportunities for growth. They can visualize their future goals because of CitiGlobal’s vision. These people’s success has opened their mind to more opportunities and has given them a different perspective in creating their own goals because of the foundation built by CitiGlobal.

CitiGlobal does not restrict its people to earn more as they grow and become leaders in the near future. Because of CitiGlobal’s vision, they see the opportunity to be promoted several notches higher than their original position. The company’s efforts are geared towards the long-term fulfillment of its vision for the Company, its people and its clients. As the Company grows, the people grow with the Company as well.

Like what Bossing said “Join us, Join the Fun!” and be part of CitiGlobal’s supportive and growing team.


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