So there you are, at the end your career, your family and friends celebrating your retirement from 30 years of service.

Most people look forward to the prospect of retiring. It is a validation of all the hard work you did through your life.  But during your retirement send-off, a thought enters your mind. What am I to do after I retire?

Why you can retire in breezy, beautiful, Tagaytay? Why Tagaytay you may ask? We will tell you why.



Let us face it, you have probably lived in Metro Manila all your life. As great as Manila is, you have had to contend with pollution and traffic and all that interminable noise. In Tagaytay, you can allow yourself to slow down.

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping in your window. With nary a care in the world, you can go to the public market and cook up something fresh for your family. Or you can go to Bag of Beans and get some of the freshest coffee this side of Java. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your days.



Tagaytay is a great location. It is not too far away from Manila but far enough so you know you are in a different place. And we have not talked about the climate. The sweltering heat of Manila is just too much some days. Think of closing your eyes and feeling the cooling touch of the wind on your face.

If you live in Tagaytay, your view is either picturesque Taal Lake or the beautiful rolling hills of Tagaytay. The view alone is worth it. Your grandchildren will probably trip over themselves trying to sleep over at your house in Tagaytay.



With the investment in Tagaytay comes the opportunity to earn. Because Tagaytay has a great tourism sector, land values are sure to rise as well.

You can see your investment grow right in front of you while you live in it. What is more, you can open your house as a tourist bed and breakfast. Most retirees still have an itch to work and earn and at least this way, you can earn by renting out your spare rooms. Not only will you not be lonely, but you will have someone you can dote over with your special blueberry pancakes.



Tagaytay is fast becoming a retiree heaven, and you can find yourself being constantly invited to parties with people your age. Sing and dance with your fellow retirees as you party the night away. Life as a retiree does not have to be boring.



Retiring should not be a stressful experience for you. By retiring to Tagaytay, you get to experience a change of pace in a great location with opportunities to earn and with a welcoming community.


Interested? Call us today and we will make sure that we will find you a great place to retire in Tagaytay.


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