Make Your Flight More Enjoyable!

It doesn’t matter how excited you are to be going home / abroad or how much you love flying, long flights can get boring pretty quickly. It can be difficult filling up many hours in a confined space and get stuck in your seat on a long, boring, and monotonous plane trip. You’d think that you have done all the things you could do but the time runs slow. Staying entertained for about nine hours might seem difficult, but a long flight doesn’t have to be suffering. When you need to travel a long distance, you might as well sit back, relax and make the best of it.

CitiGlobal wants to keep you entertained and lose your boredom, so we recently launched a few in-flight games for passengers from Dubai and Australia. Want to have some inspiration? Want to play some games? We made something for you so that your 9-hour flight could be more exciting. Exercise your eyes and your brain for a few minutes and participate!


Through these ads, you might find yourself playing for hours; thinking and trying to find the answers. And if you feel like giving up, ask your seat-mate to help you find the answers. This could also be the right time to make new friends! And when you do find the answers, take a snap, share it to the world, and let them play, too!

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Journalism in the Digital Age

What does it mean to be a journalist or a news writer in today’s social media-driven world? This is what Richard Dy of Richard Dy Communications (RDC) and Managing Editor of Fox Sports’ Digital Media Division, aims to answer through his seminars and workshops. Richard Dy Communications aims to inspire hope and faith sustained by love in order to create change that impacts every sphere of society through different platforms – social media, books and public speaking.”  

In partnership with Polytechnic University of the Philippines and CitiGlobal, Richard Dy Communications launched a free seminar/workshop on responsible journalism. The seminar aimed to reach, teach and inspire students to become  excellent and responsible print and online journalists. This was scheduled last December 6, 2016 from 9am to 3pm  at the university’s AV room and at least 60 students participated.

The seminar entitled “Where Inspiring is a Way of Life”  included topics such as news writing, sports writing, feature writing and photo journalism. To facilitate these topics, we invited Philippine Star’s veteran Sports Writer Joey Villar, Senior Photographer Jerome Ascano, Bandera’s resident Journalist Frederick Nasiad, and RDC’s very own Richard Dy.


Overall, the seminar was a success. Everyone who attended the seminar/workshop learned valuable skills that would equip them to be better journalists in the future. Through this workshop, we met several passionate young individuals who are hungry to learn and innovate as part of a growing organization that aims to be the best in its industry.

CitiGlobal believes that our today’s youth are full of talent and promise. The partnership with Richard Dy Communications allowed us to empower our future storytellers by giving them the power of communication and language. We are extremely proud to be part of this amazing activity and we are looking forward to more of these in the future.

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Marketing and Millennials: A CitiGlobal and PUP’s Junior Marketing Executives Initiative

The real estate industry is competitive and full of challenges. It takes an amazing product and an equally awesome marketing plan for a real estate company to stand out and be noticed. Thankfully, we have the talented and  driven Marketing students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines to help us out.

Last December 2016, PUP’s Junior Marketing Executives (JME) launched its latest initiative called Markstrife: Integrated Marketing Communications Competition. The competition targeted 3rd year Marketing students from PUP Manila and other PUP branches and campuses. It aims to “to bring out the perspective of the participants in Integrated Marketing Communication and to challenge them to formulate  a feasible, strategic and financially-viable plan based on the company case provided by the corporate client in whom they can use and utilize to increase their competitive advantage in the market as well as to boost their sales and profit.”

Markstrife: Integrated Marketing Communication  Competition was also created to help the young Marketers apply their learnings in real-time with real clients.  The organizers wanted them to create new and innovative marketing strategies based on research, hands-on client interaction and application of Integrated Marketing Communication.  For this project, JME approached CitiGlobal as a corporate partner to which we happily obliged. As corporate partner and judge, we provided the participants CitiGlobal’s company profile and company case. We discussed with JME CitiGlobal’s goals and expressed our excitement over the different marketing initiatives that would come out of the competition.

Markstrife presented us with 10 amazing marketing campaigns, each equally impressive.  CitiGlobal representatives were surprised and impressed by the unique creative ideas presented and the hours they have put in to make it happen. And on February 2017 at the PUP Bulwagang Balagtas, we listened to pitches and chose the best team.  After deliberation, we have awarded team 2Ncredible.


Amongst all participants, Team 2Ncredible went the extra mile in introducing their creative Marketing Communications plan. They did more than just create a proposal; they also created physical prototypes of the ads and an amazing video. But more than anything, we felt that their concept was well-thought of and clearly showed how well they understood our needs and branding. CitiGlobal is proud to be part of this momentous event and we are extremely satisfied with the organization. The JME team assisted us all throughout the process and communicated the mechanics clearly to all participants.

This initiative clearly shows that given the right opportunity, the bright young minds of this country can break barriers and make a difference. These young millennials from PUP brought new life to CitiGlobal’s marketing strategies and helped improve our standing in the real estate world. We are extremely happy and proud in helping shape our future.

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Kabataan, Maging Bossing ng Iyong Buhay: Investing On The Future

Kabataan, Maging Bossing ng Iyong Buhay: Investing On The Future

Do you want to have a bright future?

This is the question we posed the young minds of Barangay Masambong in Quezon City last April 22, 2017. CitiGlobal offered a free seminar called “Kabataan, Maging Bossing ng Iyong Buhay”, which was aimed at teaching young adults how to financially-responsible and prepare for their future.

The seminar was designed for individuals 18-28 years old, Senior High Students, High School graduates, and college undergraduates. The goal is to encourage them to prepare for their future as early as now by presenting them options and opportunities within the company.
Grounded on the principles of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, the seminar focused on three things:
Lesson 1: Your future will be determined by your mindset or how you think.
Lesson 2: Know the difference between an asset and a liability.
Lesson 3: Work to learn not to earn

These lessons were then followed up with an introduction of CitiGlobal and the opportunities available in the company. The participants were also encouraged to dream and believe in their capabilities to achieve those dreams.

With over 50 participants, the “Kabataan, Maging Bossing ng Iyong Buhay” was a huge success. Many of the participants expressed their gratitude in learning more about financial planning and the different opportunities they can take with CitiGlobal. A number of participants also signed-up for job interviews and were given interview schedules right on the spot.

This event showed us that there is a huge need for educating our youths not just academic knowledge but also practical solutions and steps to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. The “Kabataan, Maging Bossing ng Iyong Buhay” was just the first step and we are glad that the 50+ attendees took the leap and joined us in dreaming and working towards that dream.

Ikaw, Kabayan, do you have a dream? Do you want to be your own Bossing as well? If yes, let’s talk.

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CitiCares: Handog Ni Bossing

“Nasa kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” – Dr. Jose P. Rizal

The youth is our hope and future. Sounds cliche and overused, right? With all the negativity that surrounds our country, it’s easy to dismiss the belief of the youth saving this country from its perils. However, we remain hopeful and armed with this hope, we at CitiGlobal launched our CitiCares: Handog ni Bossing campaign.

What is CitiCares: Handog ni Bossing Campaign?
Did you know that there are almost 48 million elementary and high school students who dropped out of school? The reasons may vary but it all boils down to one: poverty. It is not uncommon for many of these students to lack the necessary school supplies that make studying possible.

With this mind, an advocacy was launched. The CitiCares: Handog ni Bossing campaign aims to help students gets a better chance in life through education. For this campaign, we have chosen Amuyong Elementary School in Amuyong, Cavite.

With only 276 enrolled students, Amuyong Elementary School is the right place to kickstart our advocacy. So on the 7th of July 2017, the CitiGlobal team went to Amuyong Elementary School to bring school supplies to all of their 276 students. The CitiCares package included notebooks, pencils, ruler, crayons, scissors, and a sharpener packed in a large file case for easy carrying and handling. Apart from providing the students the package, we also prepared a short program and activity for the teachers and students alike.

The program began with an introduction to CitiGlobal and its advocacy followed by an intermission number by our team.

We also prepared some activities such as Cash-ya and Hep-Hep Hooray to which everyone gamely participated. Here are some of the highlights of the games:

According to Amuyong Elementary School’s principal, it was the first time that they were visited and given assistance; hence, they were extremely thankful.

Caring is Sharing
Judging from the smiles of everyone including the CitiGlobal team, we say that this campaign was a success. Because of this, we plan to make CitiCares: Handog ni Bossing an annual event and serve more schools in the country.


CitiCares: Handog ni Bossing campaign shows that our tagline “Maaasahan. Mapagkakatiwalaan” is more than just a catchphrase. It is a way of life here at CitiGlobal.

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GRADUATION is not just really for GRADUATES

GRADUATION is not just really for GRADUATESIt is for every OFW Parent who made it happen!

Since its inception, Citi Global Realty & Development, Inc is proud to say that all of their projects are inspired and fueled by OFWs relentless passion for work and love for family.

In fact, we always hear stories about Filipino parents choosing to work abroad, leaving their kids behind to give them a bright future through the gift of better education. This is the reason why CitiGlobal made sure that every OFW parent would know how PROUD we are this GRADUATION SEASON! CitiGlobal launched its Graduation Promo as tribute, not just to the graduates, but their OFW parent as well.

The promo is entitled: A Salute to Graduates with an OFW Parent! Winner will receive PHP 8,000 Cash Prize + Special Surprise Gift from CITIGLOBAL. To know more about this promo, Check the Poster below: Promo ends April 30, 2016 Citi Global continues to salute OFWs through recognizing the fact that every OFW deserves not just a house, but a home that is commensurate of all his efforts. For this reason, Citi Global feels compelled to build quality homes that are tributes to the OFWs’ hard work. For more information about CitiGlobal, please visit CitiGlobalPH on Facebook and follow CitiGlobalPH for new and exciting leisure property development and promos!

Photo credit to: Rappler

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CitiGlobal Valentine’s Surprise from the HEART!

CitiGlobal ValentinesSurviving Long Distance Relationship Is never easy!

Especially, this Valentine Season.

Extra distance makes many things unattainable… However, CitiGlobal is here to make the extra distance…EXTRA SPECIAL!

Kaya naman…Good News Bossing, Sagot na ng CitiGlobal ang Valentine Season Surprise mo sa iyong asawa o kasintahan!

Spread the CitiGlobal LOVE this Valentine Season with a SPECIAL GIFT from CitiGlobal. Para sumali check out our poster below: Promo ends February 29, 2016 Citi Global continues to salute OFWs through Valentines Promorecognizing the fact that every OFW deserves not just a house, but a home that is commensurate of all his efforts.

For this reason, Citi Global feels compelled to build quality homes that are tributes to the OFWs’ hard work.

For more information about CitiGlobal, please visit CitiGlobalPH on Facebook and follow CitiGlobalPH for new and exciting leisure property development and promos!

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CitiGlobal is Changing The Real Estate Game for the Better

I grew up not having a house and lot that we could call our own. That is why I am thankful that now my husband and I have our own place and that in the future, my son will inherit.

Before we have purchased our place, there are some criteria that I have listed down. One is that it should be near the metro so that my mom can easily visit us or stay in our place if she needs to. The location of the property is one of my main priority. I was thinking that properties near the metro can easily be tagged for rent or for sale in case we need some cash if unforeseeable things will happen in the future.

Another criteria is the reputation of the Real Estate developer. I made sure that we only choose to get a property from the trusted developer that has already earned their name in the business.

I know a lot of Overseas Contract Workers or Local Workers who did not consider the reputation of the developer when they purchased their house and lot. They felt that they have wasted a lot of money for an infrastructure that is sub standard. It is really important to do some research before buying one.

Recently, I learned about CitiGlobal Realty and Development. They established themselves initially as a marketing, landholding and leasing company with vast tracks of properties before venturing into real estate development. The Company and its subsidiaries have a combined 54 years of solid track record in the real estate industry, making it one of the fastest-growing players specializing in the development and marketing of well-planned, first-class quality yet affordable housing projects catering to the Filipino families.

They offer property ownership on best locations like Tagaytay where you may choose to retire or purchase for investment purposes. As you all know, Tagaytay is best known as one of the go-to destinations for rest and relaxation.

For as low as P7,500.00 per month, you can enjoy luxurious amenities and the full benefit of your hard-earned money. You can even put your unit up for lease, allowing you to earn as much as P20,000 a month.  Isn’t that great?!

They are also looking for Philippine properties (2 to 2000 hectares of raw land) to develop into real estate projects such as:

Leisure and Resort Developments
Mixed use Resort Developments
Residential Subdivisions
Beach Resorts

Through partnership with CitiGlobal, the landowner is given options to gain revenue in two ways: through sharing in the proceeds or through sharing of units. With the 1st option, the landowner is now certain to earn from the proceeds. On the other hand, with the 2nd option, the landowner can sell a portion of their share of units and retain other units either for hotel income from our condotel or for future value appreciation. It can also be given as inheritance thus, maximizing the value of their property.


CitiGlobal is open and very flexible with potential partners, with the end in view of forging harmonious partnerships that are both beneficial and rewarding to all parties.

Like CitiGlobalPH on Facebook and follow CitiGlobalPH on Twitter and Instagram for exciting new development.


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