10 Bossing Ingredients for a Winning Working Environment

1. Be PASSIONATE with your work

2. Be PERSISTENT in learning


4. Maintain a POSITIVE attitude and a HAPPY disposition

5. Be PATIENT with all people involved in your work


7. Be OPEN, FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE to change

8. Be PROACTIVE, not reactive

9. Be happy with other people’s success

10. Know the ABC’s of your work

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Bossing Vic Sotto’s Tips to Success

Find out 5 Bossing Vic Sotto’s Tips to Success

CitiGlobal’s brand ambassador Vic Sotto, shares five essential tips of career advancement. Being at the top of his game in the entertainment industry for a long time, he has proven his credibility for mastering his field of expertise.

Staying on top is not mean feat. He wouldn’t have enjoyed a stellar stature if not for his charismatic personality and of course his good reputation. He has shown consistency in not letting fame get to his head and for keeping his feet firmly on the ground throughout his entire career. Now, we present to you Sotto’s notable tips to a long and successful career.


1. Start Your Career Early

Young people generally have the drive and energy to learn everything under the sun. Working early in life means more learnings resulting to more certainty and the assurance of a bright future ahead of them.

Sotto believes that starting early develops positive characteristics in a person. “Pag nagstart ka kasi nang maaga, you will become more mature, hardworking and determined. You learn as you make mistakes, and you gain more wisdom in the process.” CitiGlobal gives a chance to every person to grow.

It sees potential and is willing to invest in deserving individuals by teaching them everything that they
need to know.


2. Prepare Yourself to Make the Right Decision When Choosing a Career

Openness to different and creative ideas will let one discover his true self. With conscious effort in finding out his own interest, likes and vise-versa, it will be easier for him to know which path to take when the time comes that he need to make the significant decision.

Sotto agrees with getting to know oneself better and talks about how passion plays an important role in career advancement. Knowing oneself leads to a realization of his desired career, “Kung ang tingin mo sa ginagawa mo trabaho lang talaga, trabaho nang trabaho walang relaxation, iigsi ang buhay mo sa ginagawa mo, e. In other words kailangan mag-e- enjoy ka,” he said.


3. Think Outside the Box

Innovative thinking is what CitiGlobal embodies which sets it apart from other real estate firms. It is also the main reason Sotto agreed to be a part of this innovative company, “CitiGlobal provides leisure properties for hardworking Filipinos abroad. They can come home, relax and enjoy nature and unique amenities in their second home at CitiGlobal.”

“They can put their properties on lease and earn monthly when they are away from home,” he

Working for a team with brilliant minds unleashes an individual’s inner potential. It challenges them to bring out creative juices that result to a successful output like the one mentioned above. Sotto talked about working with talented and creative people that molded him to where he is now “It’s part of the learning process. Working with a lot of talented people in the industry has opened me to different perspectives and creative ideas throughout my career.”


4. Flexibility is the Key to Innovation

If someone thinks of only one solution to a certain problem, it will just give only one result. But if one tries to come up with different solutions and is willing to take the risk, he will end up finding the best solution for the problem. “We have to think hard about the best solution to the problem. What distinguishes a successful person is his willingness and ability to adapt to different situations until he gets the desired results.”


5. Passion, Drive and Determination Line the Path to Success

Sotto explained that one’s stature and educational background is never the basis for success. A person who comes from the lowest status in the society but possesses the right characteristics has the same advantage as people who have all the resources to succeed in their career. “Everyone is worthy of success. With the right attitude and mindset, you are already building your way up to be among the most successful people in the country,” Sotto said.

CitiGlobal looks for people with potential and the right attitude, and provides proper training for those who have the passion to excel, the drive and the determination to succeed, keeping them open-minded. Teaching them to become independent, confident and result-oriented, the Company provides equal chances of success and the opportunity to become leaders for those who are deserving.


Get to know CitiGlobal by visiting www.citiglobal.com.ph. Contact us at 0917-890- 2989.

Like CitiGlobalPH on Facebook and follow CitiGlobalPH on Twitter and Instagram for exciting new developments.

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Five Reasons You May Want to Buy a Property in Palawan

Like an arm reaching out into the West Philippine Sea, Palawan juts off Luzon – an emerald jewel rich in ecological diversity. Many people know Palawan as a great tourist spot, but it is also fast becoming a hotbed of real property developments.

The savvy real estate investor should keep Palawan on their radars. The recent developments may find excellent returns on investment for you and your family.

Not convinced? Here we compiled the top five reasons why you should buy a property in Palawan.



This beautiful island is the site of  some of the best beaches in the world. In fact, it is consistently ranked by Conde Nast  as one the best islands in the world. Home to stunning biodiversity and covered in virgin forests, this lush island is a sight to behold.

But is it just beautiful? What is the value for a real estate investor? Natural beauty counts for a lot in real estate pricing. A great view can triple the value of a property.




Tourism is one of the major industries in Palawan. With sights like the Underground River and El Nido and Dos Palmas just a stone’s throw away, tourists come to Palawan to get away from it all.

With this great beauty and a vibrant eco-tourism sector, come tourism dollars. A great tourism sector is one of the best drivers of value for real property. Investors are more than likely to find excellent returns because of tourism.





Palawan holds an enviable position in the Pacific Ring of Fire in the fact that it virtually free of tectonic plate movement. Also, it is not regularly visited by strong typhoons.

A great fear of many a real estate investor is the prospect of force-majeure ruining property values. With a great location like Palawan, there is little to fear in that aspect.




Palawan is home to some of the friendliest people you can find. Residents have a  reputation for honesty and they boast some of the lowest crime rates in the country. Stories come out of how you can leave your things with tricycle drivers and never have to worry about losing anything.

A safe and peaceful living space has a great effect on property values and would continue to affect return on investment positively.




The fact that most of the land is still undeveloped means that it is a prime place to buy properties before property prices surge. As more and more properties develop, prices will eventually go higher and higher.

A good investor knows when to buy low and this is the perfect to invest and maximize return in a few years time.



Palawan has much to offer to any real estate investor. With many factors that positively affect real estate value, Palawan is poised to become the darling of real estate buyers for years to come.

Good thing that Citiglobal is developing a 13 hectare property right in Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.


For more details, please reach out to us. Our team is more than willing to address your concerns.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

        With all the recent news about all time highs in the stock market and new investment vehicles like cryptocurrency, Filipinos are becoming more and more investment savvy. They are watching investment news and joining Facebook groups exclusively for investment.

However, with this newfound knowledge of investments, many Filipinos are forgetting the oldest form of investment – ownership of real property. There are many many benefits to real estate that many Filipinos can use for their own benefit.

So we compiled the top five reasons, you should invest in real estate.

1. Price Appreciation

Real Estate values generally increase over time. This is because of a very simple concept – that of supply and demand.

You see, our population is growing every day and it looks like it would not stop anytime soon. So every day the demand for property is technically growing higher and higher bit by bit. And simple economics dictates that when demand is high, prices follows.

So with more and more Filipinos in need of a home, prices generally go in an upward trajectory.

Also, you have to factor in improvements in the surrounding area. A new access road or a hospital or school a few kilometers away will definitely have a positive impact on the property values.


2. Inflation Hedge

When the new Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law came to effect in January 1 of this year, some Filipinos rejoiced at the prospect of having a bigger take home pay. But unfortunately, there is no free lunch. New tax measures on petrol products and some other goods will artificially raise  prices on these goods which has a trickle down effect on all prices.

Inflation rears its ugly head and its pegged to be one percent higher this year. Not to mention the fact that with more people with disposable income, more money in the system will also have an effect on inflation.

The great thing about real estate is that it generally follows inflation. The more people are willing to spend on basic goods, the more they are willing to shell out for property.


3. Value Protection

Here’s one of the best investment moves anybody can make. A lot of people can make it big investing in the stock market or cryptocurrency.

The problem is that what comes up, usually comes back down.

A tactic commonly used is that when investors win big in the stock market, they usually take out their earnings into something less volatile but will earn as well.

Real estate prices do not fluctuate up and down. Generally they follow an upward trend most of the time and are not subject to the up and down volatility of the market.


4. Income Generation

Real Estate need not be passive income. What most investors do is that you can put it up for rent especially in areas near tourist locations or work areas.

That way you’ll get a steady stream of income while the value  of your property rises. A neat investment savvy move is to get rental income somewhat approximate to your amortization payments. That way you can pay off your property using your rental income.


5) Something for your Family

Probably the best reason you could have to invest in real estate is because it is something you and your family can enjoy.

Imagine all the memories you can have with your children as you watch them play in your house. Imagine the thought of sleeping soundly in a house that you own. Imagine the pride and joy of having something to your name.

Sometimes it is not just the wealth it creates that makes real estate a great investment. It is also the prospect of buying a home, not just a house – something your family will cherish for years to come.


We listed above the top five reasons why you should invest in real estate. Real Estate property is a great addition to any portfolio.

Interested in owning a house today? Give us a call. We will be glad to help you get started with your investment.

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Bringing Better Future Closer To OFWs: Philippine Property Expo 2017

According to Philippine Statistics Authority, there is an estimated 2.2 million OFWs who are working in various parts of the world from April to September 2016. For us Filipinos, being away from our loved-ones is one of the most difficult sacrifices we have to endure. Despite that, many of our fellow Pinoys take the risk of going abroad in order to provide a better future for their loved-ones.

But what does a better future really mean? We all have a definition of what a good life and a better future is, and it varies from one person to another. However, we all know that having your own house is one of the criteria. And for our OFW friends, it is one of the biggest reward for their sacrifices.

With that in mind, CitiGlobal partnered with Singapore Expo to bring property investments closer to our OFWs in Singapore. Held in Singapore Expo Halls GHJ last November 25-26, 2017, the Philippine Property Expo showcased the leaders and influencers in the real estate industry in the Philippines including CitiGlobal. The event aims to provide Filipinos and investors abroad the opportunity to access comprehensive information and knowledge on various residential and commercial properties available for sale and lease in the Philippines.

As one of the exhibitors, CitiGlobal featured its current developments in Tagaytay – Tagaytay Fontaine Villas and Tagaytay Clifton Residences. The team discussed the amenities, benefits, pricing structure and other important considerations every homeowner are looking into. In addition, they also talked about how owning a property from CitiGlobal can serve as an investment opportunity.

The exhibit also allowed CitiGlobal to meet its existing investors and get to know other players in the real estate industry both here and abroad. Overall, it was an exciting and fun learning experience for us all here at CitiGlobal. It was an honor for us to be part of our OFWs’ dream of creating a better future for their loved-ones. And this 2018, we hope for a bigger and bolder year for CitiGlobal, our OFWs and for the real estate industry in general.

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Make Your Flight More Enjoyable!

It doesn’t matter how excited you are to be going home / abroad or how much you love flying, long flights can get boring pretty quickly. It can be difficult filling up many hours in a confined space and get stuck in your seat on a long, boring, and monotonous plane trip. You’d think that you have done all the things you could do but the time runs slow. Staying entertained for about nine hours might seem difficult, but a long flight doesn’t have to be suffering. When you need to travel a long distance, you might as well sit back, relax and make the best of it.

CitiGlobal wants to keep you entertained and lose your boredom, so we recently launched a few in-flight games for passengers from Dubai and Australia. Want to have some inspiration? Want to play some games? We made something for you so that your 9-hour flight could be more exciting. Exercise your eyes and your brain for a few minutes and participate!

Through these ads, you might find yourself playing for hours; thinking and trying to find the answers. And if you feel like giving up, ask your seat-mate to help you find the answers. This could also be the right time to make new friends! And when you do find the answers, take a snap, share it to the world, and let them play, too!


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Journalism in the Digital Age

What does it mean to be a journalist or a news writer in today’s social media-driven world? This is what Richard Dy of Richard Dy Communications (RDC) and Managing Editor of Fox Sports’ Digital Media Division, aims to answer through his seminars and workshops. Richard Dy Communications aims to inspire hope and faith sustained by love in order to create change that impacts every sphere of society through different platforms – social media, books and public speaking.”  

In partnership with Polytechnic University of the Philippines and CitiGlobal, Richard Dy Communications launched a free seminar/workshop on responsible journalism. The seminar aimed to reach, teach and inspire students to become  excellent and responsible print and online journalists. This was scheduled last December 6, 2016 from 9am to 3pm  at the university’s AV room and at least 60 students participated.

The seminar entitled “Where Inspiring is a Way of Life”  included topics such as news writing, sports writing, feature writing and photo journalism. To facilitate these topics, we invited Philippine Star’s veteran Sports Writer Joey Villar, Spin.ph Senior Photographer Jerome Ascano, Bandera’s resident Journalist Frederick Nasiad, and RDC’s very own Richard Dy.


Overall, the seminar was a success. Everyone who attended the seminar/workshop learned valuable skills that would equip them to be better journalists in the future. Through this workshop, we met several passionate young individuals who are hungry to learn and innovate as part of a growing organization that aims to be the best in its industry.

CitiGlobal believes that our today’s youth are full of talent and promise. The partnership with Richard Dy Communications allowed us to empower our future storytellers by giving them the power of communication and language. We are extremely proud to be part of this amazing activity and we are looking forward to more of these in the future.

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Marketing and Millennials: A CitiGlobal and PUP’s Junior Marketing Executives Initiative

The real estate industry is competitive and full of challenges. It takes an amazing product and an equally awesome marketing plan for a real estate company to stand out and be noticed. Thankfully, we have the talented and  driven Marketing students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines to help us out.

Last December 2016, PUP’s Junior Marketing Executives (JME) launched its latest initiative called Markstrife: Integrated Marketing Communications Competition. The competition targeted 3rd year Marketing students from PUP Manila and other PUP branches and campuses. It aims to “to bring out the perspective of the participants in Integrated Marketing Communication and to challenge them to formulate  a feasible, strategic and financially-viable plan based on the company case provided by the corporate client in whom they can use and utilize to increase their competitive advantage in the market as well as to boost their sales and profit.”

Markstrife: Integrated Marketing Communication  Competition was also created to help the young Marketers apply their learnings in real-time with real clients.  The organizers wanted them to create new and innovative marketing strategies based on research, hands-on client interaction and application of Integrated Marketing Communication.  For this project, JME approached CitiGlobal as a corporate partner to which we happily obliged. As corporate partner and judge, we provided the participants CitiGlobal’s company profile and company case. We discussed with JME CitiGlobal’s goals and expressed our excitement over the different marketing initiatives that would come out of the competition.

Markstrife presented us with 10 amazing marketing campaigns, each equally impressive.  CitiGlobal representatives were surprised and impressed by the unique creative ideas presented and the hours they have put in to make it happen. And on February 2017 at the PUP Bulwagang Balagtas, we listened to pitches and chose the best team.  After deliberation, we have awarded team 2Ncredible.


Amongst all participants, Team 2Ncredible went the extra mile in introducing their creative Marketing Communications plan. They did more than just create a proposal; they also created physical prototypes of the ads and an amazing video. But more than anything, we felt that their concept was well-thought of and clearly showed how well they understood our needs and branding. CitiGlobal is proud to be part of this momentous event and we are extremely satisfied with the organization. The JME team assisted us all throughout the process and communicated the mechanics clearly to all participants.

This initiative clearly shows that given the right opportunity, the bright young minds of this country can break barriers and make a difference. These young millennials from PUP brought new life to CitiGlobal’s marketing strategies and helped improve our standing in the real estate world. We are extremely happy and proud in helping shape our future.

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